About katadidas32001

Hi there! Fellow mommy here! Hope all is well with everyone's kiddo department! Times can get crazy and life may seem insane but the little ones are what keep us alive and most of the time, sane. I'd like to talk about my wild life being a mom of a set of twin girls, a little boy, and a sweet red headed little girl. I'm also a photographer and my kids love it because when I don't have clients, we set them up soo I can take their "modeling" pictures :) I'm a duck hunters wife and although sometimes, I hate sleeping alone...it puts some really yummy food on the table! Just wish he wouldn't sleep soo much during the day...there's dishes to do ;) but it's only for like three months out of the year soo I'll give him a break....this time. Well, this is my first time being a mommy blogger soo let's just hope this all goes well. After all, I am super lazy...as soo my kids think. ;)

My new blog! I…


My new blog! I’m super excited!!!